Bottle Sanitizers

Bottle Sanitizers

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Easily sanitize your bottles on bottling day!

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Vinator: The Spin Vinator is an economy sanitizer injector for cleaning and sanitizing bottles. Fill the resevoir with your sanitizer of choice, and place a bottle upside down on the spray arm. A few pumps will spray sanitizer inside the bottle, and because the bottle is inverted it will drain through the bottle neck. Place the bottle on a bottle tree or in a box to drain, and you are ready to bottle. The Spin Vinator can be used standalone, or on top of select Ferrari bottle trees.

Injector: The sanitizer injector makes it easy to squirt sanitizer into bottles, while allowing them to quickly drain back into the resevoir. Use with Star San, sulphite solution, or your favorite sanitizer. Simply fill the resevoir about half way with your solution, put a bottle on the nozzle, and pump about 2-3 times to squirt sanitizer into the bottle. Hold upside down for a few seconds to let the sanitizer drain, then move the bottle to a bottle tree or clean area for draining. Can be used as a stand alone table top unit, or will fit on the top of the Ferrari 45 seat and 90 seat bottle trees.