SVHB offers a diverse selection of premium equipment for all your home brewing needs.

Beer Kits

SVHB offers LME (Liquid Malt Extract) and all grain beer kits with over 70 different beer recipes.


SVHB offers a variety of premium liquid and dry yeast products from high quality manufacturers.


SVHB’s high quality selection of hops are offered in pellet, cryo, and loose leaf form.


SVHB offers specialty, adjunct, and base grains for all your home-brewing needs.


Kegerators & Jockey Boxes

SVHB offers top of the line Komos Kegerators and Jockey boxes.

LME & DME Extracts

SVHB offers a wide array of extracts for home-brewing needs.

Honey & Sauces

SVHB offers locally sourced honey and honey products along with accompanying sauces.

Kombucha & Cheese Making

SVHB offers top of the line Kombucha products from Oregon Kombucha.


Support you local brew shop with some SVHB merchandise.