Breathable Silicone Stoppers / Hood

Breathable Silicone Stoppers / Hood

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The silicone breathing bung can function as an airlock for extended aging of beer and wine. Made of natural white silicone, the bung has vent holes through the center, and a silicone flapper that fits tightly against the holes. This allows gasses to escape by pushing up against the flapper, and then the valve shuts protecting the product from contamination.

#7: This bung is recommended for use in glass carboys.

#10: This bung is recommended for use in PET carboys.

Hood: To start with, the hood is designed to fit over the top of your carboy so you never have to worry about an airlock/stopper popping off of your carboy. Where the hood really shines is in its two-piece design. When set to the open position, the bung acts as an airlock and allows the release of Co2 while maintaining a seal against oxygen coming in. This makes the bung ideal for fermentations. When fermentation is over and you no longer want the bung to "breathe" out, you just push the center cap into the bung to create a firm seal and the hood becomes a solid stopper!