Pellet Hops

Pellet hops are milled and condensed into smaller forms breaking up the lupulin glands. With very little surface area, they are able to be stored for longer and recommended for most brewing applications. When used for bittering, pellet hops have about 10% higher extraction efficiency then whole leaf hops.


Cryo Pellet Hops / Hop Oil

Cryo pellet hops are some of the most innovative, in-demand hops available. Each loose leaf hop varietal goes through a cryogenic process of separating lupulin and bract at an extremely low temperature to preserve the essential oils and resins - resulting in a hop pellet that doubles in potency.


Whole Leaf Hops

Whole leaf hops are dried, cone-shaped flowers from the female hop plant. Often used in dry hopping, as they are easier to remove from the beer and may give a slightly fresher aroma than pellet hops (which tend to lose some of the flower’s essential oils during the pelletization process.